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Our Services

Operational Services

Operational Services

  • Provide Evidenced Based Medical Nutrition Therapy and Diabetes Self-Management Education and Support to clients with chronic disease and diabetes. 

Initial visit includes assessment, review of medical history biometrics and labs if available, eating habits, food choices and meal planning, and individual physical activity recommendations, assistance with individual meal planning and written information/ resources per individual need. Individual Behavior Health Goal setting. 

Follow up visits include assess weight status, and labs if available. Discussed changes that have been in lifestyle and meal planning habits and review of Individual Behavior Health goals 

  • In person and or virtual counseling sessions 30-90 minutes. Follow up visits available 30-60 minutes. ($50/30min)

  • Telephone visits can be included in packages for fee

  • Packages including initial visit/ assessment and follow ups:

Initial visit and 1 follow up with in 1-6 months package 

Initial visit and 2-6 follow up visits within 3-12 months: 

  • In store Grocery store tour/shopping. ($100/per hour)

    • Includes reading food labels, comparing food choices make while grocery shopping.

  • Walking instruction visits per client preference

Virtual with Web ex, Duo and Facetime

  • Device instruction($50/30min):

Insulin pump consultations, and education

V-go insulin delivery device instruction

CGMS instruction/guidance and assistance ($25/15 per hour)


  • Written communication with Primary and/or referring MD

  • Self-pay cash/ credit card. Client to submit Provider for insurance companies’ reimbursement in future.


  • Diabetes

  • Weight management- obesity/ underweight

  • Kidney Disease/ hypertension

  • Heart Health

  • Digestive Disease


  • Preteens 11-13

  • Adolescents/ Teenagers 14-19

  • Adults

  • Elderly

Websites/ resources:

American Diabetes Association,

Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialist,

Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics,

American Heart Association,

Center for Disease Control and Prevention,

National Diabetes Information Clearinghouse,


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